Trendy Diets May Negatively Impact Oral Health.

The Dallas Morning News (11/3, Jacobs) reports that “diets that many consider healthy — liquid cleanses, low-carb diets like Atkins or Paleo, vegan or raw diets — may not always be so healthy for the teeth and gums.” Connie Mobley, associate dean of research at the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas said, “We tend to think about the impact of foods on cholesterol, blood sugar and our weight, but not on the mouth.” Mobley wrote a 2008 article in The Journal of the American Dental Association titled, “Fad Diets: Facts for Dental Professionals,” and now “believes that dentists are becoming more attuned to the connection between nutrition and oral health,” but “patients need to understand the connection, too, and get dental professionals’ guidance on how to keep teeth healthy.” The article provides information on the impact of juicing, low-carb, and vegan diets, “and steps you can take to help counteract the side effects.” The Dallas Morning News points out that “one study found that people who followed a vegetarian diet (which includes dairy products and eggs) had healthier gums; however, it’s not yet clear if there’s a cause-and-effect relationship, according to the American Dental Association.” The ADA provides more information on the link between nutrition and oral health at

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