Dentures Were Once Made With Real Human Teeth!


Dentures Were Once Made With Real Human Teeth.

Atlas Obscura (3/15, Grundhauser) stated that “tooth replacement of some kind or another goes back to ancient times,” and over time, the materials used in dentures have changed. The article discussed how dentures were once made using real human teeth, since they were “thought to look better and be more comfortable than false teeth up to that point, which were often carved from bone, ivory, or animal teeth.” While some refer to these dentures as “Waterloo teeth,” due to “the practice of yanking perfectly good teeth from battlefield casualties,” Andrew Spielman, associate dean for academic affairs at the NYU School of Dentistry, said, “It’s kind of a misnomer, because the Waterloo battle was in 1815, and human teeth were in use in dentures already.” The article added that “according to Spielman, human teeth had been used in dentures for at least a century before the Battle of Waterloo, and were routinely culled from battlefields since at least the French Revolution in the late 1700s.”

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