CMS Proposes Changes To SHOP Exchange Expanding Dental Coverage Options.

CMS Proposes Changes To SHOP Exchange Expanding Dental Coverage Options.
In a broader piece reporting that on Friday CMS proposed changes for “health plans sold on the federal insurance marketplace in 2017,” Modern Healthcare (11/20, Herman, Dickson, Subscription Publication) reported that the CMS also proposed changes to the Small Business Health Options program starting January 1, 2017. According to the article, the change would let employers “offer all plans across all levels of coverage from one insurance company,” whereas “right now, employers participating in the federal SHOP marketplace can offer their employees either one health plan and/or one dental plan, or all health and dental plans across one metal level.”
California Healthline (11/23) adds that “the change is intended to draw more people into the exchange.”
Increasing Number Of Adults Wear Braces, Require Different Orthodontic Plan Than Young Adults.
MyNorth (11/23, Smith) carries an article originally published in the MyNorth Medical Insider 2015 discussing adult orthodontics. According to the article, “An increasing number of adults are choosing to have braces, and these patients require a different orthodontic plan than young adults.” Whereas “the bones are soft and malleable” in adolescent mouths, with adults, “the bone is resistant to tooth movement, and the settling in is not as predictable,” the article states, adding that an orthodontic plan for adults should consider these and other issues.

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